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Sharing ROOT’s point of views on the power of yoga therapy and offering daily practices for whole person healing

ROOT’s point of views on the power of yoga therapy as seen through industry insights, good reads, wellness trends, food (yum!) and questions from our community. I’ll also be sharing personal experiences from my ongoing journey in managing asthma and inspiring client stories that show how yoga therapy has been a key player in overcoming various chronic conditions including anxiety and pain. Whether you’re new to yoga therapy, living with a chronic condition or simply looking to break old habits, this blog has something for you. Thank you for reading and please be sure to subscribe and post questions and comments – we’re always listening to our community!

5 Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Welcome a brand new guest blogger to the ROOT tribe, Interior Designer Mia Yamada! Read on to learn about how Mia tackled a turbulent year by focusing on her favorite form of self-care -- creating her home oasis. Whether big or small, our homes are our refuge and safe...

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Ted in Your Head Podcast

Ted in Your Head interviews Jasmine Rausch, Certified Yoga Therapist based in Los Angeles, California. Jasmine discusses her journey from horrible back pain and asthma to being pain free through the practice of yoga therapy.

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Giving Thanks for Tradition

Autumn (or fall depending on what you like to say) always makes me think about tradition and gratitude. Yes, I realize that the thanksgiving holiday was named in quite the literal way – not a lot of guesswork needed to breakdown what we’re supposed to be doing on that...

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My Best Habit: Caring for Myself

The other day, I received a text from a friend and fellow yoga therapist asking me to cover her class. Now of course, asking to get a class covered is no big thing. However, this conversation went on to inspire this post. I soon found out that my friend needed...

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Yoga Therapy: Alignment and Spinal Health

A ROOT Awakening Yoga Therapy: Alignment and Spinal Health I recently had to get an “alignment” on my car. Ugh, the dreaded vehicle alignment that costs about $200 more than you want and you aren’t quite sure why you need to get one. But the more I think about it,...

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