In 2015, I was feeling a low energy level, effects from chronic bronchitis for several years and my lungs were operating at a very low capacity.  I couldn’t walk more than a few minutes without stopping to rest. During a physical examination my EKG was off the charts and my doctor informed me that it was very likely that I had had a mild coronary, possibly while sleeping, as I had felt nothing that would make me think I had had a heart attack!  He immediately prescribed a medication to prevent heart attacks and increased dosage on my current prescription to lower blood pressure.

My daughter arranged an interview with Jasmine Rausch and we began working together a year ago.  The very first session I noticed how Jasmine focused on my breathing, and from there things only got better with each practice.  But not only has my physical health improved, yoga has taught me an awareness of body and mind that improves many aspects of my life.  On a recent visit, my doctor was amazed, and lowered the dosage on both medications. I have lost weight, my posture has improved, and I am walking four miles….  in the Hollywood Hills, no less. I truly think Jasmine and my yoga practice has been a life saver for me.   

-Jeanette T., 66