Fee and Cancellation Policy


Sessions must be paid on or before the time of the first packaged session. Fees will be assessed annually. There is no charge if you cancel 24 hours before your scheduled session. Same day cancellations will result in the loss of a session. This is necessary because a professional time commitment is set aside and held exclusively for you. Thank you for understanding!


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We offer 90 minutes for the initial session. This allows us to meet and offers me the opportunity to spend some time getting acquainted with your needs and objectives based on medical history and current conditions.

We do not offer single sessions. The services we provide are rooted in consistency. A series of R.O.O.T. private yoga therapy sessions is an effective way to shift your habits, gain knowledge, and open yourself up to new practices.

All packaged sessions are 60 minutes. 3 session minimum.


We do not work with insurance providers. All services are provided on a fee-for-service basis and are charged to you, the client. We accept cash, personal checks, and electronic transfers through PayPal and Venmo.