Private Sessions

Are you struggling with a chronic condition or simply having trouble managing day-to-day stress? Consider weekly private sessions.


At ROOT, we are committed to giving you the space, support and care for you to experience personal self-healing.

How it works

Step one


Initial session is 90 minutes, which allows for us to meet and for me to get acquainted with your needs and objectives based on medical history and current conditions.

Step Two


After the initial session, all individual sessions are 60 minutes.

Fees and packages will be discussed prior to this initial session and are based on individual needs. 

We do not offer single sessions. The service we provide is rooted in consistency. A series of ROOT private yoga therapy sessions has shown to be the most effective way to shift your habits, gain knowledge, and open yourself up to new practices.


Please see our Fees and Cancellations policy or send us a message.

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