A few kind words from current and former clients.

Jasmine is amazing to work with. She really takes time and effort to learn about your specific situation and how to best address the problems. She will work at your pace to ensure nothing is over worked. I have learned and gained so much knowledge that I now utilize on a daily basis to help me manage my pain and move forward with my life. I would highly recommend using R.O.O.T. Yoga Therapy!

Brandon L

Digital Marketing

The minute my yoga therapy session with Jasmine begins, I feel a sense of tranquility, peace, and focus. Her attention to detail has transformed my yoga practice; improving my strength and control allowing me to focus my mind on the task at hand, which carries into my everyday life.

Nick A.

Cellist/Professor of Music

Jasmine really knows her stuff! I first started going to Jasmine after my first pregnancy. Aside from the usual aches and pains from carrying a bundle of  joy, I had experienced lower back pain that I never had before. At first, I was skeptical about yoga. I thought it was more about spiritual healing. Little did I know, it was a miracle to fix my ailments, and Jasmine is the miracle worker! She is well versed in yoga and anatomy. She tells you how each movement relates to what’s going on in the body in a way that’s easy to understand. I am grateful to Jasmine, a true healer of mind, body, and soul.

Jana C.

Senior Manager of Public Relations

I couldn’t imagine a therapist better than Jasmine. Her dedication shows how passionate she is about her practice. On August 24th, I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident resulting in serious injury to my organs and lungs. Jasmine visited me in the hospital multiple times and we worked on extremely helpful breathing exercises. She educated me on the importance of these exercises and how they will improve my lung function. I am so grateful I had Jasmine to help me through this. She’s the best!

Christopher G

Owner of Melrose Moto

Jasmine is truly wonderful.  Not only is she a sweet, caring person, she is a fantastic yoga instructor.  Her passion for the practice radiates through her teaching.  She went out of her way to study my body and my areas of pain in order to create a program to help strengthen and improve my conditions.  I would recommend her to anyone and I look forward to my sessions with her every week.

David P.

Commercial Real Estate

Jasmine’s yoga therapy class has been transformative. I’ve been able to strengthen and stabilize my core line, focus on my breathing, and listen to my body. I’ve avoided surgery to repair my herniated discs (L4-S1) and have returned to activities I enjoy like running, weightlifting, and swimming.

Bernard B.

Corporate Executive

Yoga can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. Jasmine brings her knowledge of yoga therapy to the mat in an unpretentious way and with a lot of enthusiasm. She has helped open my shoulders and was patient in teaching me exercises and stretches to do on my own and easily incorporate into my life. Yoga is a treat and so is Jasmine.

Natalie W.


Jasmine is a hugely knowledgeable, insightful, and talented teacher and yoga therapist. She is also charming, fun, caring, patient, and supportive, and has taught me so much. I feel very lucky to have found her!!

Sandra H.

Professor of Politics and International Relations

I felt totally at ease with Jasmine; challenged but comfortable. It’s hard to find a teacher that pushes you in all the right ways.

Kalia W.

Corporate Executive

Jasmine is more than a yoga teacher. Her approach is a dynamic combination of body, mind, and spirit. She is a knowledgeable medicinal yoga instructor and her sessions are tailored to her student’s specific needs. Jasmine is a sweet, friendly, and upbeat soul committed to her students.

Nadina S.


Yoga therapy has helped me cope with my COPD. It has taught me how to breath correctly so I am not short of breath. I found Jasmine to be so helpful and knowledgeable in how to deal with attacks and she has given me tools to rest and relax my mind. This experience has been so joyful!

Joan K.

Interior Designer

Prior to working with Jasmine, I had never done yoga. I was intimidated by the thought of a class. Jasmine provided not only a safe and nurturing environment, but she helped me understand that yoga is not only an exercise but a state of mind. I am stronger, calmer, and more centered because of my work with Jasmine. She is amazing.

David K.

Film Marketing Executive

I am so grateful to have Jasmine training me. I have improved my mobility and strength tremendously and more importantly I have learned tools to keep myself healthy.

Elan L.


In 2015, I was feeling a low energy level, effects from chronic bronchitis for several years and my lungs were operating at a very low capacity.  I couldn’t walk more than a few minutes without stopping to rest. During a physical examination my EKG was off the charts and my doctor informed me that it was very likely that I had had a mild coronary, possibly while sleeping, as I had felt nothing that would make me think I had had a heart attack!  He immediately prescribed a medication to prevent heart attacks and increased dosage on my current prescription to lower blood pressure.

My daughter arranged an interview with Jasmine Rausch and we began working together a year ago.  The very first session I noticed how Jasmine focused on my breathing, and from there things only got better with each practice.  But not only has my physical health improved, yoga has taught me an awareness of body and mind that improves many aspects of my life.  On a recent visit, my doctor was amazed, and lowered the dosage on both medications. I have lost weight, my posture has improved, and I am walking four miles….  in the Hollywood Hills, no less. I truly think Jasmine and my yoga practice has been a life saver for me.   

Jeanette T

Hotel Management

I have done private Yoga Therapy with Jasmine for the past few years to rehab injuries and for general welfare. She now teaches at our company twice a week through two lunch hours and is a huge success with our employees!

Marlene S.

Business Owner

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